Becoming involved in one of the many activities and events at Holy Trinity is a rewarding way of contributing to the parish community and a good opportunity to meet others in the Church.

Below are a number of potential ways in which to become involved and if you or any member of your family are interested and would like to help, join or start a particular group then please speak to the Parish Priest. Further information can be found on the website regarding Ministries, Parish Groups and Events.


  • Catechesis for children and young people
  • Holy Trinity Walkers
  • It’s Wednesday Group
  • Catechesis for adults
  • Bible Reading Group
  • Reading & Reflection Group
  • Study Group
  • Preparation for the Readings of Sunday
  • Ministry to the sick and elderly
  • Evangelisation group
  • Welcoming at Masses and other Liturgies
  • Altar serving
  • Church choir
  • Church cleaning
  • Church flower arranging
  • Church garden maintenance
  • Counting weekly collections
  • Catholic Women’s League
  • Society of St.Vincent de Paul