Reredos Imagery


Excerpts from: The Story of Holy Trinity Church, By James Pellow

A substantial stone edifice, Holy Trinity has a broad nave, flanked by aisles on the north and south, the latter terminating in a Lady Chapel. A lofty and beautiful reredos of carved and gilded woodwork is the dominant feature of the interior at the east end.

Carved at Oberammergau, it was installed in the church in 1897. It’s glowing colouring in blue, red and gold enriches the Sanctuary in an impressive manner.

Depicted in the centre panel is the Crucifixion, with buildings in the background representing the city of Jerusalem.

On the left is a panel showing the appearance of Christ to Mary Magdalene in the garden – Our Lord holding the flag as the symbol of his triumph over death.

In the right hand panel is the appearance of the risen Lord at Emmaus as he reveals his identity in the breaking of bread. SAINTS OF ENGLAND: Figures of St Peter and St Paul stand on either side of the reredos, Peter bearing the keys of the Kingdom and Paul the sword of his martyrdom and the scroll of his Epistles.

A line of saints runs below the panels for their full span. They include St Augustine of Canterbury wearing the pallium; St Aldhelm, first Bishop of Sherborne, carrying his pastoral staff; St Osmond of Salisbury displaying a volume of the Sarum liturgical use, Ritus Sancti Osmundi; St Edward, King of England; St Alban, the first Christian martyr of our country; and St George, England´s patron saint.

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