Hopefully your visit to our website has given you some insight into the worship and the parish community at Holy Trinity and we appreciate your taking time to consider how you might be able to contribute towards our church. If you are not currently making donations to the church then there are several ways to provide much needed financial support and you may find more than one that will suit you. 
If you are already making donations then perhaps you are considering increasing your giving to help the church deal with it’s growing costs. This may be as simple as increasing the amount that you put in the weekly collection or else you may like to make a one-off donation towards a specific fundraising appeal or to set up a Legacy for the future.
If you are unsure then you may like to contact the Parish Priest to discuss what option is best for you.

However you choose to make your donations, if you are a UK Tax Payer, then it is helpful to Gift Aid your contributions where possible. Gift Aiding is a valuable way to significantly increase the amount of money that you give without costing you any extra. In previous years, tax relief income through Gift Aid has provided around eight thousand pounds extra that our church would not otherwise have received. To find out how you can make more of your contribution through Gift Aiding, please contact the Parish Office at

A collection is taken during both Sunday Masses for the maintenance and the day-to-day running of the parish and its mission.

These designated collections are taken as retiring collections after Masses and are mostly in aid of specific charities mandated by the Diocese or at the discretion of the Parish Priest. Part of the Church’s mission is to aid those who are in need both at home and abroad. Second Collections are generally pre-advertised in the Church’s Newsletter and further information supplied by the Parish Priest.


Standing Order:
Planned Giving by Standing Order (pledging a fixed amount on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis) is a regular commitment that allows our church to plan expenditure in advance. For information about how to set up a Standing Order contribution then please contact the Parish Office at

Give As You Earn (GAYE):
Give As You Earn is the most popular payroll giving scheme in the UK. Used by over half a million people, it is a completely tax-free, simple and flexible way for you to provide support on a regular monthly basis. GAYE is paid out to the organisation of your choice via the company that employs you and you may find that your employer has a policy of matching the employee donation, effectively doubling the amount that you give. In addition, any donations made through GAYE are tax-free which means that you increase the value of the donation that you make. For more information about the GAYE scheme, either for yourself or for your company, please visit the CAF website.

Legacies are a tax free way to provide much welcomed financial support towards the future of the church. Please click here for further information.

Cheque Donations:
The Diocese of Plymouth and all its parishes (including Holy Trinity RC Parish Dorchester) are a recognised charity (registered charity no.213227). Individual cheques to the Parish should be made out to ‘PRCDTR Holy Trinity‘.


Single Donations:
Individual donations are a common way for parishioners to pledge monies towards the church. Cheques should be made payable to ‘PRCDTR Holy Trinity‘ and sent for the attention of the Parish Priest to The Presbytery, Holy Trinity Parish Centre, Culliford Road North, Dorchester, DT1 1QG. You may wish the Parish Priest to decide the best way to administer your donation but if you would like it to be put towards a specific purpose, i.e. the Building Fund or another special appeal, then please state this in an accompanying letter.

Fundraising Events:
Annual Fundraising events for the Parish include the Parish Summer Fete and participation in the Dorset Historic Churches Ride & Stride. Information regarding these events is normally posted in the Newsletter. If you would like to organise or assist with a fundraising event then please contact the Parish Priest to discuss.

Catholic groups also organise fundraising events in the Parish during the year and more information about the groups can be found on the Parish Groups page of the website.