When a Catholic dies it is possible to arrange a Funeral (Requiem) Mass to be celebrated at the church. If a Requiem Mass is not requested, then a funeral service may be celebrated in the church or at the crematorium or cemetery.

It is best, in the first instance, to begin arrangements for the funeral through your undertaker. This is because it is necessary to co-ordinate the availability of the priest, the church and the cemetery or crematorium.

The undertaker should be aware that no firm arrangements can be made for the funeral until they have spoken to your priest. This is important as your priest may have other arrangements which he cannot change for the time you would like the funeral, or the church may have already been booked for something else.

In planning the service please bear in mind that secular music and readings are not permitted during Holy Mass. If you should wish to have the organ played, the undertaker and Parish Priest will help you to find an organist. The choice of music and hymns will need to be approved by the Parish Priest. Holy Trinity Church does not provide a choir for Requiem Masses.

Regarding fees for the funeral, your undertaker should be able to make the necessary arrangements on your behalf.